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Side curtain semi trailer

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Side curtain semi trailer

Side curtain trailers are the main logistics transportation tools in many European countries, especially in the past 20 years, the development speed has been very fast, and the vehicle product technology and accessory technology are very mature. Curtain side trailers have been introduced to China for more than ten years, but they have not been developed.

In 1920, a German company invented the slatted trailer, and in the 1930s to 1940s, it mainly used flatbed and slatted vehicles.

In the 1930s, full trailers were also the main models of European transportation. By the 1950s and 1960s, fences and barn-grid trailers had been widely used.

When transporting goods, use canvas to cover the goods, and use ropes around the canvas for fixing, which is basically the same as when we use warehouse trucks to transport ordinary goods.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the most popular logistics vehicles in continental Europe were still pallet-type trailers with canvas covered to transport goods, or warehouse-grid trailers with canvas to transport goods. It is only at this stage that the lightweight design of the trailer has been opened, and the application of aluminum alloy fences has begun.


In 1969, a German company Edscha invented the sliding roof technology. After nearly 10 years of research by Schmitz, a European trailer manufacturer, it finally developed a side curtain semi-trailer with a sliding roof in 1980-1990. The side of this car is equipped with a sliding column, between the three sliding columns, and between the sliding column and the front and rear walls, there are wooden cargo bars, and the side curtains can slide back and forth. When loading, the side curtains can be opened and slid to the front or rear of the semi-trailer, the cargo barrier can be removed, and the sliding column can also be slid to the front or rear of the semi-trailer to facilitate side loading and unloading.

It can be seen from the history of the development of European trailers that European trailers have developed from flatbed trailers and slatted trailers to fence and barn trailers, and then to side curtain semi-trailers.

This evolution of trailer products in Europe has a direct relationship with the development of the logistics industry’s requirements for loading and unloading efficiency, cargo quality requirements and cargo securing requirements.

It is easier and safer to use canvas to cover and fix the fence type trailer than to use a flatbed trailer. The warehouse-type trailer has a higher height and a larger volume, and it is more convenient to fix the goods. The canvas is used to cover the rain Better performance. The side curtain trailer has better performance. The sliding roof can be opened for loading, and heavy goods such as steel coils can be lifted into the side curtain car by a crane and then fixed. The two sides of the side curtain trailer can be loaded and unloaded at the same time, and the loading and unloading efficiency is much higher than that of the fence or barn-type trailer. Therefore, the side curtain trailer is an upgraded model of the fence-type and warehouse-type trailer, and is the product of the technological advancement of trailer products and the modernization of logistics equipment.







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